Business Start-Ups

  • Know your core skill inside out but lack marketing & selling expertise?
  • Not sure how to price your product or service?
  • Don’t where best to advertise your product?
  • Feel your new product/service deserves some PR but don’t know how to go about getting it covered?
  • Lack the financial resources to recruit a full time marketing manager?

Bright Star Marketing can help you.  Provided on an ‘as needed’ basis, we can:

  • Develop a Marketing Strategy for your business
  • Carry out Market Research (on your product, your markets, your competitors etc.)
  • Develop  a strong brand image for your product/service
  • Design, develop and produce appropriate printed marketing materials
  • Develop a promotional plan for your launch and development phases
  • Design a PR plan
  • Develop a Business Profile, Proposals and/or Pre-qualification documentation
  • Design and develop an appropriate Website for your business
  • Tutor you in the best use of your website (or do it for you)
  • Set up and tutor you in the appropriate use of Social Media for your business (or manage it for you!)
  • Develop a launch plan for your business including launch event organisation if required
  • Presentation skills coaching

Our Approach
We believe that in order to market your business successfully we need to form a thorough understanding of your business and your target markets. Through a series of meetings with you and your team, we will identify what sets you apart from your competitors. This information is ultimately fed into all aspects of your marketing to ensure that a clear and consistent message is sent out about your company.

No matter how good your product or service is, it is all worthless without customers.

Call us today on 086-3893547 to arrange a free initial consultation for new business start ups and our special Business Start Up Packages. look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your exciting new venture.


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