You know you need to market your business, but you don’t know where to start?
I can help you prioritise actions and schedule them over time so as to spread the cost across your financial year while gradually improving sales.

You already market your business regularly but are not getting the results you used to?
I can assess your current and previous marketing activities and identify where changes need to be made to target today’s customers.

You have a strong marketing team but they are under severe pressure especially since the advent of social media.
Liasing closely with your team, I can manage specific areas including digital marketing, advertising, event management, campaign management, market research or other aspect of your marketing.

You need to adapt your marketing to take account of a new product or service?
I can update all of your current traditional and online promotional materials. I can also plan and execute an official product/service launch to gain you valuable press exposure.

Your brand image has become tired and dated and doesn’t work with today’s customers. You’d like a new, up to date modern image.
I can work with you to identify the personas of your current and desired customer base and devise a brand image that will appeal to them.

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