Bright Star Marketing provides out-of-house marketing support to companies without marketing expertise or where marketing managers wish to outsource a particular marketing assignment or function. Often companies have great ideas for promoting their business but lack the unintereupted time to carry these ideas to fruition. Bright Star Marketing ensures that companies recieve a professional level of expertise at a cost they can afford.

So how can we help you to….

  • Increase Customers
  • Increase Profits
  • Increase Sales
  • Specific Projects

Bright Star Marketing can help you address the above areas by reviewing aspects of your business such as:

Our Approach
We believe that in order to market your business successfully we need to form a thorough understanding of your industry and your customers. That is why at the commencement of any contract we set aside plenty of time to get to know your industry, your product/service, your people and your values.  Through in-depth discussions with you and your staff, we uncover a true picture of the challenge ahead. Then with your knowledge of your business and our marketing expertise, we can put together a plan that you are comfortable with, that fits with your budget and that will achieve results.

The marketing plan will set out what needs to be achieved, the various measures that will be put in place to achieve those goals, as well as some parameters against which we can measure our success along the way. At all stages we work with you, as your business development partner, to deliver the results you require and through regular scheduled meetings we can make any modifications that may be required to meet changes that may arise in the market place or within your organisation.

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