QR Codes – the latest free marketing tool ….

Many people are only getting to grips with Facebook and all that it can do for our businesses;  many have yet to look at Twitter and already here comes another techno-marketing tool.

It seems to me that two categories of business owners emerging:  those who balk at technology and those who embrace it – a sort of technological generation gap.  Talk to anyone under the age of 30 and most of them are buzzing about the latest App.  QR Codes are no doubt the latest craze but they are a marketer’s delight! They are free and they take only 2 seconds to set up.

QR Codes are a form of bar-code that can be scanned by any iPhone or Smart Phone with a camera.  The user simply downloads a QR Reader App – places the phone over the QR Code and the phone instantly picks up the data embedded in the code.


They can be used to direct people to your website, to get people to Like your Facebook page, to convey business card information, to transmit information about an event, a competition – in fact almost anything you wish!

Try it for yourself – search for QR Reader on your iPhone/Smart phone, download the free App, then position your camera over one of these images to go to my website or to Like my Facebook page!

I used Kaywa.com to create the website QR Code.

You can also create a quick-link to your Facebook page whereby users can instantly “Like ” your page.

Use ‘Likify’ to create this code.

Add your QR Code to all your printed marketing material, flyers, signs, posters business cards, letterheads etc.  These traditional forms of marketing have been so difficult to measure for effectiveness over the years, but now with the QR Reader (and Google Analytics reporting of hits on your website from mobile phones) we can get a far better idea of who is looking at and reading our traditional marketing materials.

If you’ve used QR Codes to grow your business, please do share your ideas here.

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