New Year, New Goals – 5 tips to Achieving Success

We do it every year;  we make plans, set goals and more often than not, those great plans are forgotten or abandoned by mid February. So how do we stay focussed to ensure that, come this time next year, we can look back and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done?  Here are my 5 tips to ensuring you achieve your goals, business or personal, in 2018.

  1.  Be realistic – measure what you’ve achieved in the past and considering your available resources, set achievable goals.
  2.  Don’t try to eat the elephant – break the goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals and measure your progress as you go.
  3.  Don’t overload yourself – pick One Big Thing* to achieve for the year, the month, the week and give that most of your focus.
  4.  Keep it front of mind and eyes – put up a progress chart and highlight the weekly, monthly and quarterly achievements
  5.  Reward yourself and your staff – set rewards for each step of the way no matter how small – a lunch out, a voucher, a treat.

There is nothing like the feeling of achieving what you’ve set out to do whether it’s growing your business, making changes to processes, furthering your education or even losing weight.  And when you do, it is most certainly worth celebrating so don’t skip step 5 – reward yourself and all those who helped you get there.

*If you only read one book this year make it The One Thing  by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan – published in 2013 I and many others have found it life-changing. 

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Ann Sheehy is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and the Digital Marketing Institute.

Google’s new algorithm means websites must be mobile-friendly

With more than two thirds of website hits now come from mobile device and tablets it is vital that websites are clearly legible and navigable from smaller screens.

How many times have you called up a website on your smart phone only to find it impossible to read on the small screen.  According to some reports as many as 40% of the world’s major sites are not yet fully-responsive but as of Tuesday 21st April 2015, Google has changed it algorithms to favour mobile-friendly sites in search results.  A lot of people are in for a shock when they next check their website analytics!

It has been dubbed Mobilegeddon and has businesses all over the world rushing to their web-designers to try to stem the outflow of business from lost opportunities.

Your site may already be mobile friendly – you can check it on this page.  Simply enter your website address and to get some very useful feedback.  If the results are bad, just send them to us and we’ll send you back a quote to ensure that you retain your former position in the Google search results.

And the good news is that smaller sites can be converted from as little as €500 – naturally larger more complex sites will cost more.

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Marketing Online and Offline

QR Codes – the latest free marketing tool ….

Many people are only getting to grips with Facebook and all that it can do for our businesses;  many have yet to look at Twitter and already here comes another techno-marketing tool.

It seems to me that two categories of business owners emerging:  those who balk at technology and those who embrace it – a sort of technological generation gap.  Talk to anyone under the age of 30 and most of them are buzzing about the latest App.  QR Codes are no doubt the latest craze but they are a marketer’s delight! They are free and they take only 2 seconds to set up.

QR Codes are a form of bar-code that can be scanned by any iPhone or Smart Phone with a camera.  The user simply downloads a QR Reader App – places the phone over the QR Code and the phone instantly picks up the data embedded in the code.


They can be used to direct people to your website, to get people to Like your Facebook page, to convey business card information, to transmit information about an event, a competition – in fact almost anything you wish!

Try it for yourself – search for QR Reader on your iPhone/Smart phone, download the free App, then position your camera over one of these images to go to my website or to Like my Facebook page!

I used to create the website QR Code.

You can also create a quick-link to your Facebook page whereby users can instantly “Like ” your page.

Use ‘Likify’ to create this code.

Add your QR Code to all your printed marketing material, flyers, signs, posters business cards, letterheads etc.  These traditional forms of marketing have been so difficult to measure for effectiveness over the years, but now with the QR Reader (and Google Analytics reporting of hits on your website from mobile phones) we can get a far better idea of who is looking at and reading our traditional marketing materials.

If you’ve used QR Codes to grow your business, please do share your ideas here.

Welcome to our new Website

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, or a similar version of it, “Cobblers’ children have no shoes” – well as the lads in Irish Web Developers will attest, this marketeer has dedicated little time to her own marketing and is only now launching a website that has been in the making for over a year! I guess it’s a great complaint to have been so busy.

I am really looking forward to having contact with you all and hearing particularly what concerns you most about marketing your business these days.

There is no doubt that the rise in online marketing presents challenges to us all but it is so transparent and cost-effective that it simply cannot be ignored.

We cannot however ignore the fact that a very significant proportion of Irish adults (close to 50% last time I saw stats) are not online either at all, or more than once a week; so traditional marketing methods such as posters, print advertising, TV, radio, cinema etc. cannot be neglected.

Do drop me a line and let’s see what of the greatest concern to Irish businesses.

Are websites becoming a thing of the past?

With Social Media sites offering such a transparent environment for businesses to offer their goods for sale, has the day of the website gone?

As consumers we can’t stand the hard-sell, we never could but today even less so than before. Today we have easy access to thousands of opinions on a vast range of goods and services we may wish to buy, from people we’ve never met, from all over the world .  We are no longer are impressed when a company tells us they’re the top in their league, we look for what other consumers have said about them.  We look to social media and third-party blogs to see what others say and rarely believe the testimonials provided on websites by company owners.

With Facebook offering online shops that can attach to your business’s fan page and providing opportunities to brand your page, maintenance and upgrading for a tiny charge per  month, will websites become a thing of the past?  Have they had their day?

Irish company goes to Germany to get Irish customers!

A business-man I met recently told me how he’d gained Irish customers by attending an international fair in Frankfurt! Similar fairs are simply not held here.  So when his soon to be new Irish customers approached his stand in Frankfurt they were surprised and delighted to find an Irish company who could service their needs from a base much closer to home.  A long way to go to get clients from just down the road but a great lesson in the value of ‘positioning’!

“All my business comes from referrals – why should I bother advertising?”

Many of my clients tell me that almost all of their business comes from referrals therefore they question the need to advertise.  When we dig deeper we discover that it was rarely as simple as someone telling them “you should buy from X”.  

 In my experience, when we get new clients it is very rarely down to one marketing effort – I think of it like a 4 prong fork – there has generally been in the first instance at least one happy customer who has mentioned you; then the prospective client looks up your website and either discards you at that stage or is impressed; they may Google your company to see what others say about you; they may also have seen an advertisement, a branded vehicle, a stand at a fair or other form of marketing that underpins that you are ‘solid’.

The crux then is how you come across to them when they call you and how you deal with them during the initial stages of discussing your needs and then through the negotiating phase.  People these days like to make up their own minds and won’t be told what and where to buy but that is not to say that we aren’t influenced.  So many blogs and social media are packed full of third-party commentary and we, today’s consumers, are increasingly referring to them before we buy. 

It’s rarely as simple as one direct referral.  What do you think?

Welcome to our Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to our new blog.  Please feel free to post comments, questions or just your thoughts in general about marketing or business development issues affecting your business.  I’ll be posting bits and pieces regularly but please feel free to contribute or to suggest items you’d like to see discussed.

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