Are websites becoming a thing of the past?

With Social Media sites offering such a transparent environment for businesses to offer their goods for sale, has the day of the website gone?

As consumers we can’t stand the hard-sell, we never could but today even less so than before. Today we have easy access to thousands of opinions on a vast range of goods and services we may wish to buy, from people we’ve never met, from all over the world .  We are no longer are impressed when a company tells us they’re the top in their league, we look for what other consumers have said about them.  We look to social media and third-party blogs to see what others say and rarely believe the testimonials provided on websites by company owners.

With Facebook offering online shops that can attach to your business’s fan page and providing opportunities to brand your page, maintenance and upgrading for a tiny charge per  month, will websites become a thing of the past?  Have they had their day?

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