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Mobile Marketing – Proven Effective with all Age Groups

While online and social media has proven highly effectiveness for reaching its main user group, the under 45yr olds, reaching the older, more lucrative age groups, tends to be achieved through traditional, and often costly, marketing methods such as print advertising, TV and Radio.  This is where Mobile Marketing comes into its own.

The ownership statistics for mobile usage indicates that the vast majority of the adult population own at least one device.  The older age groups are successfully adapting to the mobile phone faster than they have from to email.

Mobile marketing is highly effective.  Did you know that the open rate for text messages is around 98%?  And yet this form of marketing is greatly under exploited. There is a clear opportunity to make the most of it before overuse of the medium makes it irritating.

Whatever your product or service, and whoever your target customer is, there are ‘best ways’ to reach them. Talk to us before you spend – with nearly 20 years of experience and direct up-to-date knowledge of all forms of marketing, we can ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

Bright Star Marketing is a member of the Institute of Management  Consultants in Ireland, a Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and carries Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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Updated February 2013

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